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Facebook Ads

Striking Facebook ads to pique user attention

Facebook boasts 1.94 billion users as of 2017. Such a widespread user base assures amazing potential for brand exposure and Facebook ads are an indispensable part of social media advertising campaigns. However, with all your competitors vying for attention over Facebook, you will need the most compelling advert strategy to stand up in the crowd.

We are your trusted partner here as we know what are actually needed to gain traction for your products or services over Facebook. We promise you expert Facebook advertising services that guarantee maximum ROI with a reasonable investment.


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Laser-focused targeting

We follow a laser-focused targeting to ensure that your Facebook ads only reach to the most specified niche. For this, we will always take up an extensive research on your audience profiles over Facebook which further helps us to create most efficient audience persona. Based on the research data, we will design highly targeted Facebook ads in perfect accordance with your audience’s preferences and expectations.

Appealing images

We understand the power of images and will always back up your Facebook ads with the most striking pictures of your products or services. From the right visual contrast to the perfect angle- we make sure the images are armed with all the elements to strike a chord with your audience on Facebook.

Right placement of CTA

We have learnt where to place the CTA in Facebook ads to garner maximum clicks.

Social proofs

People are usually skeptic before trying a new product. The same rings true with your audience on Facebook as well. Thus, we leverage your Facebook ads with positive social proof to enhance your product’s credibility quotient before your audience. We mention happy customer testimonials on the Facebook ads to ensure the best possible impression for your product and business as a whole.

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